Some say the dental office is a scary place... like the jungles of the Amazon.

We think the jungle and the dental office can be full of surprises and a lot of fun!!

On this Dental Safari, we'll show you the sights and sounds of the dental office.

Dr. Erwin Chan

Monday, November 29, 2010

Super Dental gloves

The Super Dental gloves are very smooth and soft.

The Gloves are super because they protect both patient and dentist from spreading germs.

Awesome Face Mask

The awesome face mask comes in many colours.

You can find them in green, blue, white and even pink.

Here is the awesome face mask in action.

The mask is awesome because it protects both the patient and dentist from spreading germs.

Mrs. Thirsty

Mrs. Thirsty is always thirsty and likes to drink.

See her in action drinking up all this water from the cup.

It may sound loud, but it's actually quite a lot of FUN!

It tickles a bit.

Mrs. Thirsty can also sip up your saliva!