Some say the dental office is a scary place... like the jungles of the Amazon.

We think the jungle and the dental office can be full of surprises and a lot of fun!!

On this Dental Safari, we'll show you the sights and sounds of the dental office.

Dr. Erwin Chan

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

AGD San Diego 2011 Meeting and SAN DIEGO ZOO

I just came back from the Academy of General Dentistry Meeting in sunny California.
I learned a lot about dentistry there!

I also had a chance to go to the San Diego ZOO!
Since this blog is about my dental safari, I'll post some photos and videos of some of the animals I saw.

Dr. Erwin

La Maison Montessori House Visit

I was extremely excited to bring my assistant, Buffy, and my friends the Kangaroo and Dragon to visit the toddler, elementary and Casa kids of La Maison Montessori House!!

We were able to teach the kids and teachers how to brush and floss. And we showed them the sights and sounds of the office. (check out the other posts in Dental Safari for a tour)

Looking forward to posting some photos of our visit soon.

Dr. Erwin